Watching Noelle grow in these 8 months:

She is much more independent, obviously! She has also added self responsibility – I like the way she conveys her message from teacher to me (without paper instruction) and I don’t actually check with her teacher(s) on what she needs to bring to school! For example, this little bottles, last week – either one big and one small or two small ones; then cut into half! That was the exact instruction she gave me – even showing me how to cut into half. The other week was ‘mangosteen’ and next week would be a type of veggie!

Though she still fights with Nikki, I observe that she has added interest to play along with Nikki. She involves Nikki in most of her imaginary play!

Her ‘social network’ has certainly increased (friends age range 3-6yo). When she brings home the report card the other day, we are happier to see the remark ‘she is getting along with everyone in school’ than her improvements ‘academically’!

What I like most – she is able to take it when I tell her ‘time’s up!’ though she still does negotiate for time extension – she now usually goes off/ stop play without making much fuss!

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