Our short visit to the Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

Actually we didn’t expect the crowd there. And they were having kids activities – so both joined the art and craft session – which is cutting and pasting a rabbit. I did for Nikki while Noelle sat there and completed all by herself.

There was also this ‘read, write and play’ by LEGO. The kid needs to read three books and write a short synopsis for the books before they can play the LEGO. While Noelle was excited to read a book so that she can join, we told her our purpose is not to ‘play’ but to read books. Then I told her ‘THREE books’ and I am NOT going to do FOR her. She did make a fuss (coupled with feeling hungry). We left after that.

I only managed to stay in the kids’ section as they have strict rules that kids under 10 can’t enter the other levels. I was a little disappointed with the noise, running and jumping around of the kids like a playland in the kids section (without supervision or with supervision but didn’t bother);- it was quite difficult for me to help Noelle with her reading. This seriously need improvement – as in stricter rules; and I don’t remember the PJ library was at this kind of state. In fact, for the kids section, the PJ library seems to have better choice in terms of range of books and it was more organized (then).

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