My first mooncake(s)

I love Ping Pei (snow skin) mooncake since I was a kid! But they are not cheap! I think I skipped eating them for a year or two. So, this year – when I saw Bake with Yen started to market mooncake stuff – I decided to jump on the wagon! 😁😁

No secret to the snowskin – I bought the premix and follow per instruction. Instead of β€˜k’ mixer, I used the breadmaker! I added on butterfly blue pea flower water for colouring!

As for the red bean paste, I didn’t buy the ready made one since I expected my kids to taste the mooncake! It was a rigorous process to get the texture I wanted. Besides soaking overnight and drying in air fryer, I cooked the beans in pressure cooker, blended it and re-cooked it in the breadmaker! I used gula Melaka for the paste – and sweetness to my liking! (That was nearly a whole day process yesterday 🀣 ding dong out and in the kitchen).

Not sure if Noelle likes it, but Nikki gave me the approval! Plus I do think it is almost similar to store bought snowskin mooncake! 😁😁

I have some dough and paste left in the fridge. I will ask Noelle if she wants to β€˜make’ mooncake with me! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Next aim – the baked ones, of course!

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