Closer to 100% home bakes

Strawberry vanilla buns

The greatest ‘achievement’ in the month of July 2018 is we got closer to 100% home baked buns and cakes! I am slowly eliminating outside bakes – which they are adapting to! 😁

Actually I started my ‘baking buns’ engine for Norrah – and eventually got hooked into baking for all! 😆

Hopefully this will last for some time!

** Nevertheless, we will still buy outside bakes – sometimes just crave for those bakes😝 (need to try so that we can improve) or no choice!

I used the Kewpie sweet sauce – strawberry vanilla spread:

For the bun dough, I have been following Miki Mai’s pandan soft loaf recipe, but just normal loaf (without pandan juice).

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