First singing presentation in school

Champion singer: Dave Soon

accompanied by his pianist: Noelle Chou šŸ˜˜

Song: Bingo

Noelle got consolation for singing (song: hujan dah turun)! She played twice on the piano! āœŒšŸ»


Noelle stopped her short stint in music class right after she started kindie in 2018 (as music class was her transition to school). She learns the piano in school and occasionally we play the keyboard at home. The school teaches them to memorize the notes instead of looking at the piano notes.

I think she aces it today! No panic and fully focus on playing the piano in front of the crowd!

As for singing, she choose a Bahasa song over a Chinese song (actually phew…for me šŸ¤£)!

Well done my dear girl! šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜

Video of her performance <here>

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