Happy memories from first school trip

Noelle told me so many things yesterday; but due to ‘time limitation’ – I would just list down things that I wish her to remember when she grows up – memories!

When I picked her up, the first thing she told me ‘this is for papa!’ Implying the rice that we ordered for her lunch but she didn’t take it because they ate the sushi they made. She added that she didn’t drink the (yakult) drink because ‘not good for health’ (ok, this subject to debate – but in our term, is not good laaaa)

Next, she told me ‘actually papa and mama can go also’! My heart actually sank – I thought she felt ‘bad’ because we didn’t go with her (some friends have parents along, but I guess those mostly the younger kids). Then I told her – this is ‘school trip’ and not ‘family trip’! Also what she did yesterday, we actually did it before together!!🙄 Also, her bestie and few others in her class didn’t have parents along! So, I told her big girls and boys don’t need daddy and mummy to come along.

Then she told me that while exiting Aquaria, some of her friends bought toys but she didn’t! 🙄🙄 and she was waiting for me to praise her ‘good!’ (Which I did but giggling in my heart🤣🤣, she has no money how to buy). I asked her to confirm if those friends that bought came with parents, is it? And she nodded! She said Chai-dor-sun wanted to get her a magnet but she rejected it! (She giving me hint that she didn’t simply accept gifts and she was ‘good’)!

She said Cho-co-lat wanted to take picture with her; so his daddy took photo of her and Cho-co-lat in front of Aquaria! They actually took group photos at Sushi King (where she held the school banner) and Aquaria (where she squat in front because she was small size)!

In the trip, they had to hold hand and walked. And her partners were Ann Yew and Cho-co-lat! Teacher Fennie was with them in the same table during sushi making!

Noelle did something that touched my heart, actually – she says that Ann Yew was hungry and so she gave Ann Yew the (massimo) cream bun. Ann Yew in return exchanged her candy with Noelle. But Noelle told me she kept it for ‘uncle guard’! 😂😂 even this morning papa asked if he can eat the candy, she told papa it was for uncle guard!

Chai Dor Sun offered her raisin cookies and she says ‘I didn’t simply take’ and ‘it is not something healthy’. Plus she went to the toilet whenever teachers asked to! (Spot on, she did everything I told!) The teachers actually gave them coconut buns during their journey to and back (so their tummies are actually filled).

She says she slept in the bus on the way back and woke right after Teacher Eunice says ‘wake up’ but Ann Yew couldn’t wake up – and ‘slept like a pig’! 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣 (in her exact words)

And many more…

She really enjoyed her first school trip. She was indeed tired and knocked off just before 10pm! Papa who wasn’t back from work also couldn’t believe that Noelle slept and she slept before Nikki yesterday night!

Happy memories for my dearNoelle! 😘

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