Reminders for school trip

Someone’s feeling really excited for her first school trip!

– she woke herself up at 630am

We told her it is a ‘short holiday’ with her friends and teachers. (We actually briefed her during our trip to Disneyland and saw some school trip – on how she will be following her teachers and friends in a similar way to somewhere!)

Even as an OCD mum, I decided NOT to follow🙄😓😔🤣😝😫😨😀🙈 ok la, time for her to be independent and put trust that she can look after herself! (We actually been to where she is going and doing today, for the matter of fact!) Also, I vividly remember a friend commented on a mummies discussion group “if you don’t trust the teachers, why are you sending her to that school?” (Kns friend is you la! 🙄😂)

But we have briefed and reminded her on many things. Some of them are:

– follow your teachers and friends closely (do not dream away!)

– if teachers say toilet break, go into the toilet and try to pee, no matter you feel like pee or not 🙄🙄

– if you are lost, take out the tag (which is in the bag) to show people and ask them to call papa

– do not take anything from anyone

– in the event someone try to grab you away, scream as loud as you can. If the person is in front, kick the person’s ‘vulva’ part (I don’t want to explain penis at this moment 😂)

– only trust your teachers especially on food

– if any unhealthy food distributed during the trip, bring home (the principal already gave us the selection for lunch, so no worries about lunch)

– there’a a cream bun in your bag. If you are too hungry, ask teacher if you can eat it

– your bottle of water will last you till end of the trip, drink sparingly (also to avoid needing to go toilet too often)

– there’s sweater, cap, hanky, tissues in your bag

Ok, enjoy your trip! Mama will not come and pick you up at your usual time but 5pm!😫🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

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