Learning about plants in school

Painted our self made 3d box house 😁😁😁

Today she came home from school pretty excited, telling me that they spent in the school garden this morning – identifying plants in Bahasa and Chinese. She even told me the different plants that her school has – namely aloe Vera, banana and pineapple. She even told me that the school has the blue flower plant (which we used to haveπŸ™„) and only one flower was blooming today! I asked if they have vegetables (like mama😝) which she says β€˜no’! She even β€˜intelligently’ told me that strawberries and blueberries cannot be grown here because it needs cold weather! 😊 But I reminded her that we went to Cameron Highlands last year where it was colder there and strawberries could grow.

Coincidentally, yesterday we pluck some pandan leaves from our condo garden. She remembered!

Noelle: Mama, remember yesterday we pluck the plant. It is BANANA leaves!


Of course, I corrected her!

Then during dinner, she repeated the garden story.

Noelle: Mama, my school has banana leaves.

Mama: πŸ™„πŸ™„ are you sure it is banana leaves or pandan leaves?

Noelle: Banana. We eat roti canai on it ma!

Mama: OK!


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