Pain will taper off

Some of us hide our pain so that we don’t hurt anyone but end up hurting ourselves. Some talk to trustable peers. Some just emo by spreading unnecessary ‘gossips’! Which group are you?

But a reminder – First day of ‘pain’ is always the hardest. Next few days still ‘painful’! Next one or two weeks still slightly ‘painful’! But eventually the ‘pain’ will just taper off! While it may leave a scar, the ‘pain’ will not be perpetual!

Be grateful for what we have !

– – –

I had one of the best two months in May and June 2018 – because we had many off days (election fever, HK trip and then Noelle’s Raya and semester break)! But I had to admit they were also one of my most down time – which I basically ignored almost everyone – even with the closest friends! I just wanted to stay focus with the kids (and hubby) to reduce my ‘pain’! I was also finding ‘faults’ with everyone! I shouldn’t blame the ‘pain’ solely but also take responsibility for the down moments – if I could have spoken out to someone about the issue! I wanted to see what I observed was true enough to my analysis and take charge of my own emotions.

But after my ‘confession’ yesterday – it is truly done! I feel much relief today and at peace! I don’t know how long this will last – as this tends to repeat ‘few times’ in a year despite the fact that I always move on. (I am not sure how this cord can be cut completely, seriously.)

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