Believe your sixth sensei

Not everyone (even closely related ones) comes with a sincere heart. They might do things to infuriate you. It is best to ignore these people because they could be doing this to catch your attention or worse, to provoke your reaction.

Maturity is when you keep your mouth shut even though you want to say something mean to someone. It isn’t a product of growing older, it’s a product of growing wiser! You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel.


Most of the time, I know some people (too free) just want to provoke ill feelings. Let them be. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks. Sarcastically saying, let them bring their ‘self righteous’ or ‘fake joy’ to their death bed!

**too free – forwarding nonsense messages with WhatsApps (treating like email forwarding); pretentious to ask for recipe – kononnya ‘ownself like’ but for the ‘special’ loved one (not being truthful); want to show off how ‘lovely and caring’ they are on social media (people who don’t even bother about doing things with their kids in the past but rather spend time with their siblings – now so into their grandkids? Regret?)- fake; not knowing the actual reason people not responding to their messages and end up calling people ‘selfish’ (not everyone so FREE like the ‘unselfish’ ones, ok?); day and night sitting looking at the facebook – giving ‘likes’ on every status and photos without knowing the reason of the posts

– sorry I am not a perfect person; I have my past and pain too –

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