My first ‘jelly layer cake’

It is mango and coconut jelly fruits layer cake!

Although not perfect in look, I am satisfied with the result. (I was juggling between cooking dinner, washing dish, baking buns and Gan Cheong that the three girls will wake up from nap – when hubby was out running errands!)

Plus the girls proclaims ‘it is so yummyyyyy!!’ And then Noelle says ‘mama, I want this cake for birthday, k? So pretyyyy! I like the pattern!’ 😚😚😚 Beyond words, worth the effort – though your birthday still soooo far away! Ok la, practice more to make it perfect!

The recipe (thanks Vivianne Tan for sharing):

* I changed the ‘sugar’ for the mango part to banana (so less artificial sweetness)!

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