Day 5 of N1’s Semester 1 break – Cruising to the fisherman village

I don’t actually remember myself going to Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) despite staying in Klang for half of my life! 🤔😝

Told them we will be going on a boat/ferry ride to visit a fisherman village. So, we drove to the South port terminal and ‘cruised’ on the Alibaba ferry! (We were on time for their ferry schedules and didn’t have to wait at all)! They only charged the adults; two ways for RM36 in total (weekday price)! Cheaper than watching movie in cinema! 😅

We ate our lunch there and walked around the little village (actually two or three lanes to walk only 🤣)

It was actually a good and unique experience. Pulau Ketam is like a miniature town – with police station, clinics, fire station, shops, hotels and houses in an island that only have bikes all over! We did ask Noelle if she wanted to stay overnight there – she gave us an immediate ‘no’ (probably cos there’s nothing much to ‘play’)! 🤣

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