Day 1 of N1’s Semester 1 break and annual Hari Raya play date with EZ

– swimming

– ‘painting’ cum rolling with cars/rollers

– lunch

– play the game ‘funny bunny’ (no pic as I was cleaning up)

– make paper aeroplane

– free play

– ice lolli

As Noelle grows, she actually choose who she wants to play date with (we do get some invitations and at times she refuses to – and I had to ‘negotiate’ with her to accept it. So, please don’t invite if not sincerely inviting ya 🙄😝)!

This time she ‘invited’ EZ – through the mummy, of course. This is different from previously when she was only ‘informed’ a day or probably the morning before the ‘date’. She was actually counting down the days – and that’s why she was asking her papa – why he isn’t going work yesterday even though Hari Raya over! 🤣

Overall, I think they had a fun day – including Nikki and Norrah! Nikki was trying to gel into the date – when we talking ‘North’, Nikki was talking ‘South’! 🤣

The best part was during the final moment before EZ left – when they were having ice lolli – coincidentally, EZ also watched Incredible 2 yesterday – and so both of them were chatting like good old friends!

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