Thank you to my FB friends

The facebook mummy friends that played (and still playing) a role(s) in my mummyhood; mostly known less than five years

In alphabetical order (takde ‘pin sum’):

Apple Siew – the mummy who invited us to her son’s first party though those days were 3567 (invitation was one month in advance) 😂and Nikki’s first play date

Amy Wang – the mummy who gives me gardening advice😆

Bernice Ong Ai Kim – the mummy who always secretly pm me to find out about my well being 😘

Carmen Lee-Tan – the mummy who remembers me (once a year) because of my chicken tofu nugget recipe 🤣

Catherinew Chan – the mummy whom I bought a preloved item from and delivered to my doorstep, the face she showed when met me was like met an idol (though I just was a normal person 😂)

Choy Yee Chew – the mummy who gave me baking advice when I needed most😀

Christina Chong Yan Tien – the mummy of 3 girls whom I am ‘mirroring’ my life now😅

Chieng Siaw Hwa – the mummy who shared a lot about her daily activities with her cutie daughter plus her sharing on Paya Indah Wetlands

Catherine Gettings – the mummy who sold me the replacement breadmaker at a very affordable price😁😁

Dhurga Devi Navindran – the mummy who gave me neem leaves recommendation during my girls’ chicken pox days😘

EY Li – the mummy who gave me the first experience as a play date mum; the one who recommended me Phillips pressure cooker, electrical steamer and Nikki’s gynae 🤣 (she doesn’t make into my less than 5 years friends list actually – once-upon-time classmate)

Elaine CCT – the mummy who allows me to tease her

Fanny Wong – the mummy who organized the fire station visit

Gina Mei-Keng Yong – the mother of breastfeeding

Jay Mj – the mummy who ‘jaypohchee’ with me

Jenny Puah – the mummy who gave us the first book exchange experience

Joanne Lim Khai Weih – the mummy who messaged me whenever there’s cheap diapers on sale (when our kids were still using the same diaper brand)

Joanne Teh – the mummy who printed and sent extra activities sheets for Noelle

Kavitha Balachandran – the mummy who shared how she survived with two young kids (days before Nikki)

Kate Loh and Karen Ang – the mummies who gave me opportunity to hold double/triple play dates

Kim Ing – the mummy who gave us a free food jar to try out with

Lee Hui Min – the mummy who always keep ‘us’ in her heart and mind for hand-me-downs (we definitely made good use of the cloth diapers – which are now handed to Norrah)

Michelle Tai – the mummy who stalks me on the blog and secretly pm me; then I ‘offer’ to be her facebook friend; also gave me the best advice on airing the room – for Norrah’s skin

Nicole Lee – the mummy who breastfeed with me (in the same room and time) as we attempted a whole day play date at her house and tried hard putting the kids to sleep (then only her son and Noelle); now Nikki’s no1 fan! 😂

Nicole Loh – the mummy who allows me to tease her as ‘gigolo’

Nicole Ong – the mummy (who looks like Harry Potter 😝) – we play date with her daughter on the train plus Funtopia (Noelle still remembers THE girl whom she went on the train with)

Phoebe Wong – the mummy who always generously pass us things and even drove all the way to send to us😘

Quinnie Tan – the mummy who always make her way to us even if it is out of her way 😘; treating my girls like her own daughters

Queenie Lew – the mummy who I befriended after sharing a table at Restoran Sun Meng Kee 😆

Rachel KG Ng – the mummy who encourages me to breastfeed during Noelle’s early days

Rachel Ong – the mummy who enjoys sending Christmas presents to my girls on a yearly basis 🙄 and always tags me for informative stuff to do with my kids

Rachel Tham – the mummy who taught me how to store my grains longer plus all her cooking tips 😀

Rachael Kwacz – the kakacaucau mummy who drove all the way to our guard house to drop us some coconuts 🤣; shocked my hubby once when we bumped into each other

Samantha Loke – the mummy who gave me the precious advice on stopping steroid during Noelle’s bad skin days😘, her yogurts plus the Pot-Kettle relationship 🤣

Sheryl Chan – the mummy who gave us her homemade pasta to try😘

Vanessa Lau – the mummy who made me the admin of a facebook group (which I now turned a lazy admin); and made her way to visit us from Penang 😀

Vennzi Foo – the mummy of Noelle’s favourite play date 😀

Vernice Tan – the ‘kns’ mummy who dare to ‘kns’ me (seriously, I only dare to kns her beside kns-ing my hubby😂), gave a lot of pretty dresses to Nikki (now hand down to Norrah), came all the way from Singapore to visit us last year😝

Wong Yen Li – the mummy who took her whole family (hubby, mother, sister

🤭) to wait for our play date to end 😂

With this, I acknowledge that my life as a stay at home mum is definitely not lonely and not without friends! In fact, I have more friends now compared to when I was working!

We don’t always chat (personally) as we have our own commitments – but this status is to show gratitude to my Facebook friends!

**sorryif I missed ‘you’ out 😂😝

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