One piece disposable diaper per day!!

29m10d and 9m22d

Our achievement this week (in 5 days) – we reduced disposable diaper in the household to one piece per day! ✌🏻✌🏻😁😁

Nikki successfully weaned off diaper during day and night without any accident on the bed or on the ‘road’!! Really can’t stress enough, how proud are we on her! (🙄Recapping those days, duno wipe and change the sheets how many times for Noelle)

And we successfully transition Norrah on cloth diapers during day. Even when we went out to get something (fast) or fetch Noelle – I just put her on cloth diaper (since it will be a fast one, as always). So, Norrah just uses one disposable diaper at night!

Better for the environment, better for our pockets and BEST for their skin!

** During weekends, Norrah will be likely to use more than a piece of disposable diaper – as we go out longer hours!

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