Tackling the ‘copy’ question

Noelle’s most frequently asked question lately!

Noelle: Mama, why Mei Mei like to COPY me??!!

My answers:

1. Because you are her IDOL. She looks up high onto you. That’s why you NEED to be a good Jeh Jeh !!

2. Nikki is at a stage of building her own personality and she doesn’t know how she wants to be!

3. Same like you like. 😒 What Shanggu or Dau have; you come tell me and want the ‘same’! (She will get this answer when I get fed up of explaining🤭😝)

On a lighter note, ‘copying’ can even enter into childhood, teenager-hood, motherhood…etc isn’t it??😝😝🤭🤭 The best is to be yourself and try your best – so that you won’t get frustrated when you can’t ‘achieve’ what you expect (from yourself)!

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