Book review: Parenting preschoolers

Finally completed my holiday read (title: parenting preschoolers) – the book that followed us ‘over-the-sea’! Despite the simplicity or design of the book, many great points that I wish to flip through again! This particular page (in pic) in its first chapter – got me going! So agree with the points!

I wish I could have read it before sending Noelle to school – as it did talk about transition to sending to preschool – what to expect! It just nailed it down for me! Probably before Nikki’s time, I need to re-read! 😝

Over and over again, it stresses preschoolers (below 7 yo) – shouldn’t be overly exposed academically – because of their mental abilities! It also touches on parenting different personalities, helping kids to socialize, what to talk about and etc! Most importantly, it syncs with my thinking/style! 😝🤣

**forgotten where I got the book

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