What did my kids eat in Hong Kong?

Food! Food! Food!

I came with the least OCD mind – I only brought my food jar and pasta (which at the end I didn’t use)!

I brought in (smuggled) some grapes for Norrah and one box of blueberries for Noelle and Nikki. 😝I packed their usual snacks (those that they snack in car) – which I am happy that I did!

So, what did Noelle and Nikki eat?

Very much the same as us – fried rice, egg noodles, laksa noodles (lai fun), chicken rice – those they are ‘familiar’; they had many buns and egg tarts too! I even bought them extra blueberries here in Hong Kong – which were kind of cheap here, RM15 for two boxes! We bought sushi for them from Sushi Express too. They tried ribena lemon from a restaurant for the first time.

As in Disneyland, we bought kids meal combos – and I am surprised that kids meals are pretty healthy ones. For Chinese meal, they had white rice, steamed chicken, steamed corns, blanched choy sam and an apple (lunch) comes with mineral water. For dinner, they had chicken cheese burger and beef cheese burger respectively (patties were steamed) and comes with steamed corn and mineral water. They didn’t like the burgers – so end up we ate it (they ate buns that we bought from bakeries)!

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