Potty training no2

Life goals is not just about holidays/ going off days! As a stay at home mum, I need to set many mini life goals in order to keep me motivated! (I am not totally done with my ‘giveaways’ actually)

Here’s the current goal – which is shared with this 28m23d – going diaperless! We ‘shared’ it because we promised her that she will get the robocar poli set that she didn’t get for not behaving well in HK!

Noelle is her example and cheer leader (cos Nikki says she will share the toy with Jeh Jeh if she gets it! 🤣).

Nikki jumps straight to the toilet bowl instead of starting on the potty – because she ‘wants to BE like Jeh Jeh’! In fact, she told me that she wants to poo in the toilet bowl instead of the potty. See how it goes! No set timeline but go with the flow (though Noelle did ask need wait how long – cos she aims to play with Nikki’s new toy😒)

Good luck to both (or three) of us!

– Yesterday we started late evening (because I was too busy in the day) – and she aced it twice! This morning aced it once and we went to send Noelle to school diaperless (hubby did remind me that Nikki was diaperless – he asked me if I wanted to risk it especially since I will be dropping by at the wet market for fruits)! Well, I was ‘confident’ and no incident happened! 😝

I just could say – we are in the right direction. 🤣

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