Hong Kong Pit stop #3: We left our footprints in the crystal cabins and Ngong Ping!

Ngong Ping village

After the long queue at the cable car station, we arrived at Ngong Ping village for lunch. We walked around and took some photos before leaving! It was pretty hot that Nikki told papa (when she was on the stroller): Papa, can you on air cond!!??

Today Nikki wanted to go on the stroller. Noelle, of course, did make a fuss that she had to walk – especially towards the end when we need to walk back to the cable car station (in the beginning, Noelle was ok with walking because she was playing with the umbrella). But Noelle was easily ‘bribed’ with ice cream to walk.🤣


The BEST traveller!! We have an infant, toddler and kid! And we can testify that the easiest is the infant. We don’t have to bother about her food (she can just breastfeed freely without actually taking solid for these few days), she can just pee and poo on the diaper (so we don’t have to rush to the loo) and she doesn’t ‘complain’! Given that she doesn’t know how to walk yet, we don’t have to chase her! With her, we do get some priorities! Whether or not she will remember the trip, it doesn’t matter – as her sisters will remind her for sure! And the pictures we took will be their lead and wonderful memories!

Before having kids, hubby used to ponder why his dad took off his slippers and hit him during one of their family’s holiday! With Nikki, he truly understands! 😆😆😆😆 (ok la, I also know now why my dad used to ‘fit’ me and my mum used to call me a ‘crying pot’🤭🙄)

As per expectation, she is the most difficult one; testing our limits during this trip! 🙄🙄🙄

Not only that she doesn’t want to walk, she doesn’t want to be on the stroller – she wants to be carried most of the time. Fighting for attention – either from Noelle or Norrah. Whatever Noelle has, she wants it too – even if it is beyond her own ability. For some of the things Norrah has, she wants it too even though she doesn’t need it. Add up to the tension, her screams are so loud plus her ‘aunty voice’ 🙄(she has a high pitch voice 🤣) She makes us in the spotlight many times – started in KLIA, in fact – whereby she refused to put her hand carried bag into the scanner 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ and cried so loudly!

Aiyo girl, why you so liddat one? 😒😒😒

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