Hello Hong Kong!

We have finally reached our ‘goal’! Yeah, it is a ‘collective’ goal and a proud achievement – whereby hubby’s goal is to earn money 😝 and our (the others) goal is to save money! 😁😁

We, especially Noelle live with our pledge since end last year – Noelle has not asked or bought any toys in the past five months – even tiny ones (she did cried once in the early month – but we totally ignored her and she could understand that we won’t budge into her demand/request)!

With this collective goal, we hope the kids will really appreciate this holiday. We also hope that they will understand that things don’t come so easily – I.e delay gratification and discipline. Hopefully they will also get it that – how many hours/days that papa has to be away in order to reach this goal!

And so here we come – Hong Kong!

P/s: Seriously, we are not pretty sure if this would be a real holiday or ‘suffering’!🤣🤣 Our last overseas city tour was Taipei in 2014 (and that was with Noelle alone) and after that trip, we switched completely to island holidays! 😆😆Probably after this, I won’t bug hubby for another overseas trip so soon! 😝

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