No.1 first TEST

Good luck to our first Princess for her first TEST in life!

Ujian Saringan kemasukan sekolah rendah/ assessment test for primary school entrance 😓😓

We got this shocking news late last month; but only prepared her this week🙄 more of guiding her how to read Bahasa questions – ‘gariskan’, ‘padankan’, ‘bulatkan’….etc (I have no worries if the test is in English, but BM🤦🏻‍♀️). Next I told her to skip questions first if she doesn’t know; come back to them later. Finally, ‘mini mini mani more’ if really don’t know! 😝🤣

While the exam takes about an hour, the parent-teacher brought her down in 50 minutes! It was a relief that she came down looking happy, seeing us! 😁😁 She told us ‘I so clever know how to do all’! (Ok la, I trust and believe in you!) Hopefully she will get a placement there – for its strategic location go our place!

According to her, there was calculation and number sequencing, suku kata and drawing. I asked if the teachers spoke in Bahasa or English. She said that teachers spoke in Bahasa but she couldn’t really get it; so the teachers then spoke English! (Actually majority of the kids there don’t really know Bahasa)

In preparation:

We don’t really want to ‘stress’ her up, after all she is just 5y4m to be exact! Our worries is not about her passing or falling; but to pursue to sit for the exam. We thought for 2-3 weeks on what to tell her – activities with friends? 🤔🤔 in desperation, I seek opinion and thankfully I spoke to my dearest Vernice Tan! 😂😝 She told me tell Noelle the truth – not activities, as it might disappoint her – if it turns out to be not what she enjoys doing. But to tell her, it is a TEST – where the bigger girl school teachers want to test how much she knows! This was a POWER sentence. We told Noelle the exact thing and she accepted it!

Abit kiasu and kiasi 😂🙄 I bought some work books to help her gauge how it is like. Surprisingly, she also accepts doing the activity books a lot – in the week (actually it was just coincidentally she felt sick and we could spend more time sitting down together to do the books)!

While I didn’t stress her, when the day came closer – suddenly she did tell her papa ‘I don’t want Saturday!’ 😨😱😑🙄 So, we promised to bring her this painting place after the test! 🙄 And she agreed! Even this morning, she was a little hesitant – I asked my hubby to shut his mouth and don’t talk (cos sometimes he irritates her🙄😝😂)! So, I did all the comforting and it was a total relief when she followed all other kids with the parent-teachers!

😆😆 Nikki cried looking for Jeh Jeh after that! We took the opportunity to tell her ‘isn’t it you always say don’t want Jeh Jeh?’ 😝😝

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