Love and respect your body

Big baby goes back to school

Actually the day when she caught high fever, she lost her ‘virginity’ to McDonald’s fries and burger plus soft drink in school (storify later). And days before, she refused to take blueberries because the batch I bought was sourish!

It gave me opportunity to ‘nag’ her – but it was really a good lesson for her. Moreover, this round she ‘suffered’ most – by how she shivered and couldn’t sleep!

When she was ill, she voluntarily fed herself blueberries, other fruits, extra virgin coconut oil and drinks (coconut water and honey lemon) that I gave her. In the (Wednesday) morning, I did give her ibuprofen and she realised that the medicine was ‘temporary’ measure only – she experienced how fast her body ache went off and to come back hours later! I did ‘offer’ to feed her once more ibuprofen at night before bed so that she can sleep well – but she herself rejected the measure (and slept through the night without medicine). And actually she felt much better after the big poo poo on (Wednesday) evening; which I told her – the body ‘disposed off’ all the bad germs/virus.

So, yesterday we spoke about it – ‘WHY we must LOVE our own body by feeding the RIGHT kind of food!’ And I think she really got it! I asked if she wants to suffer once more like the day before – of course, no! It is not mama who have to be in ‘pain’ (actually I suffer too ok, by taking care of an ill kid 😝) but it is herself. I also ‘threathen’ not to look after her again if she falls sick like this! 🙄🙄Hope this be a life lesson for her!


McDonald’s story

It was another friend’s birthday and the parent ordered McDonald’s happy meal for all kids! I won’t ‘blame’ the parents entirely but the school actually did not provide their usual lunch but gave them McDonald for lunch. So, I can’t blame Noelle entirely because she had no choice.

Having said that, when I picked her up, she left half burger and gave me ‘this is for you mama!’ (I actually was very touched that she thought of me when she ate her McDonald’s – maybe sambil Makan, sambil panic if mama found out how?)

She ate all the fries and drank the soft drink (I did asked her how she felt from the drink – she told me ‘it was sour and my nose and throat feel hot – probably burning feel)

My immediate feeling was ‘mad’ but then I don’t want to be ‘ungrateful’ that people provide food and had party – we don’t appreciate it. But we did tell the principal off that Noelle is NOT allowed to take fast food in school (and don’t know how my hubby word it with her la – if I talk, sure bad tone already 😝 Some more the principal told my hubby that Noelle ate until so happy🙄😒 then you want her eat and cry at the same time?) We would be happy that the school provide lunch as usual and Noelle brings home the fast food instead – which then we will decide if Noelle eats it (the same thing we told Noelle)!

I would also be less mad if the parent changed the fries to steamed corn! 😝 (people give food also so much requests 🤭)

Disclaimer: our way of parenting; you want to feed, you feed ok? No need to judge us for making our kid lose her childhood (even when I was a kid, McDonald was a LUXURY and not a norm) plus we still go McDonald for ice cream! Also, we don’t want to make it a habit that Noelle feels it is OK to eat McDonald’s meal! Yes she will one day expose to Mcdonald’s at a large scale – but only when she gets much older, k? She is just 5 years old – many more years later to enjoy Mcdonald’s. She is also our first child who will be an example to her two sisters – so deferring it is still the better approach!

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