Gratitude post – to Karen Michaela Tan of BNP (Klang Valley)

I started giving in this group since January – part of my lessons to my kids of ‘giving’ plus my mission of decluttering. There were many tempting ‘wants’ and many missed opportunities because of location/timing in these months!

And finally – we got what we NEED. Thanks to the BNP first timer recipients activity.

A little story:

We changed our single bed to queen size bed before the arrival of our third baby last year! And given my girls’ skin allergy, changing sheets and comforters is a must on a weekly basis! Now we have two queen size beds to change and wash! So we are short of queen size comforter and sheets. Recently, we even bought one set online (which wasn’t that cheap)! This GIFT definitely reduced my rush in making sure there’s an extra sheet available each time (spill/vomit accidents happen quite frequently with kids). The comforter also replaces our slightly torn single bed comforter which I am still using!

What was more heartfelt to me was Karen delivered to me personally yesterday evening instead of me collecting it from her house this morning. So I managed to get it wash and dry by this late morning – ready for my girls’ afternoon nap today! I truly appreciate her time to dig out the set and sending it to us! Thank you very much! Plus the colour matches our blue theme room! 😘

I too can’t wait to snuggle under the sheet with my girls later! 😝

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