A gift that comes with delivery

Today i lost my ‘virginity’…… at Beli Nothing Project fb page


And this is a gift that comes with delivery😁😁

Though we have been giving out some ‘useful’ things that we don’t need anymore at Beli Nothing Project fb page, we have never focus on receiving. Firstly, most of the things posted (very attractive at times) are wants more than needs. Secondly, I ain’t ‘fast’ enough – things find their new owners so fast! Thirdly, I usually look for those near to our location. Fourthly, besides location, I need to consider ‘timing’ of collection. And lastly, I actually ‘shy’ to receive!

So today when I saw this post which was a set of comforter with bed sheet set (unused but store for some time) plus the location – I was totally ‘excited’! That was something we ‘need’! But I actually thought few times before posting (today had time because the fb page was having this ‘first timer’ recipient) – whether I could pick it up on their convenience and my own timing (I don’t want to ‘offend’ people unknowingly at the same time).

So, I drafted:

“I have been gifting so far and not received anything from BNP.

I have three girls and the eldest has dustmite allergy plus the youngest still a baby who co sleep with us and easily gets bedbug bites. So, I change my sheets and blanket every week without fail. Having this extra set would help in case of rainy days (we have two queen sized bed at home).

Timing wise, I could only come around 10am-12pm on Monday for collection after the eldest off to school. (I am a stay at home mum with three kids.)

Thank you for considering me!”

I was certainly enlightened to get a reply:

“You really do need this!! And you have been super generous in your gifting too! I’m very pleased to gift this to you! I hope it helps with the laundry change etc! Please pm for collection or if you’re really having a tough time getting out, I’ll deliver to you!”

We actually exchanged contact and agreed that I will pick up from her gate tomorrow morning. But come evening (just now), she contacted me that she will send it over to us immediately! We met at our guard house. I was too shy to go empty handed – grabbed some dragon fruits that I bought this morning and gave her! 😝

And there it is – our first ‘gift’ from Beli Nothing Project fb page – just in time to replace our torn single bed comforter! 😁😁😁 truly grateful for it!


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