DIY spider legs for story telling

Started on Tuesday evening – made of recycle bag, papa’s old socks, plastic and recycle bags to stuff inside the socks

Winning really doesn’t matter. What matters most is the courage she took to ‘speak’ in front of many people (especially unfamiliar faces)!

It is really well done to our little girl! From someone who only memorises stories by repeated reading by mama to someone now who recognizes words (just in about four months); from someone who blurt out ‘nonsense’ and ‘hahahahaha’ to someone who speaks out words clearly and confidently!

While we are at the back/in front encouraging her, ‘me’ for sure – will go ‘gugugaga’ if I were to do public speaking! 😝

And thank you for ‘allowing’ mama to dress you up as a spider today (she hates spider and I got to ‘negotiate’ with her)! We were applauded for the effort! 😁😁

You are already a winner in our heart! <video>

Anyway she did win second place!

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