Spirit of giving

Before she went to school yesterday, she told me she wanted to ‘giveaway’ her Peppa Pig hair pin (which was gifted to her two years ago) to her schoolmate, Ma Chia Wei. I was actually quite surprised that she wanted to ‘giveaway’ something she (used to) like a lot.

Me: When you ‘giveaway’, your friend will not return it to you and you can’t ask it back from her. So, are you sure you want to give away?

Noelle: Ahaaa…(nodded)

Me: Ok, up to you! 🙄🙄

When I picked her up from school,

Noelle: Mama, I gave the Peppa hair clip to Ma Chia Wei already!

Me: Ok 🙄🙄🙄

Out of curiosity,

Me: Why did you giveaway the hair pin?

Noelle: I don’t want it already

😂😂actually sounded like me when I gave away stuff months I told her – we don’t want and don’t need it anymore

I don’t feel like breaking her spirit of giving away (though it could possibly mean that next time she might be giving things that we still need but she doesn’t want).

Me: What did Ma Chia Wei say when you gave her the pin? Was she happy?

Noelle: She was happy!

Me: Are you happy seeing her happy?

Noelle: YES!

Ok, that matters most when it comes to giving. It was coincidentally days ago we packed some snacks for our security guard and she passed to them when we were entering the guard house after school.

Me: Remember we gave the uncles those snacks. How did they react?

Noelle: They were smiling. And I feel happy also!

#spiritofgiving up a level😁😁

From a toddler who refuses to ‘share’ to a kid now who willing to ‘give’

I wish it could be easier for Nikki and Norrah to follow through in years tocome!

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