Happy little girls!

While I have been giving away stuff, I have not been ‘in search’ for anything before.

In fact, what my girls receive today (a toy stroller and scooter) weren’t ‘asked for’ but were offered by a kind friend, who can easily put it up on the ‘Beli Nothing Project’ facebook page (which she has been doing also for other things).

I couldn’t thank her more (because this is not the first time she hand us down some stuff to us!) 😘😘 My girls are certainly blessed to have (non-related blood/family) aunties who always think of them (Noelle, Nikki and Norrah)! This include aunties who mama (me) ‘rejected’ offers of some hand-me-down (sometimes really paiseh to receive 🤦🏻‍♀️)!

Thank you very much to you, you and you (figure out yourself!) 😝

On another note, last week we gave away our old air fryer because I saw spark coming out from the plug which was stuck in the extension. I gave away with the condition that they know how to fix it (as the air fryer is still functionable and no one at home knows how to fix it). A man actually took it for his wife and managed to fix it! He couldn’t be happy enough! He even gave me some advice on electrical products! 🤣

And I am happy that I made his wife happy! I am happy too to have a new and cleaner air fryer (actually more of the safety of the household – I don’t want the house get electrocuted)

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