Crocodile and hippopotamus watching @ Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil!

I heard about this place some time ago. Finally we went there. I thought it was quite ‘near’ but appear further in (how to go? Waze will bring you there)! Near Cyberjaya.

The rangers with chicken:

We didn’t put much expectation because it was FREE but it appeared ‘fulfilling’ for the kids! It was absolutely free – they did ask for donation (but for the great experience, why not?)!

Please do support them – as this is really a great place for kids to watch live animals! Hope this place will be maintained as it is, if not better!

Looking back at the photos, crocodiles feeding time is about 11am. The rangers mentioned that they only give these additional feeds on weekends and public holidays)! The hippopotamus was eating too! Video <here>

I think we could spend longer time there if we have already eaten (but if we ate and came, we would have missed the crocs feeding)- the place was quite out of the way and no place for us (adults) to eat though I did packed their bentos along!

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