Hubby away for 4 days 4 nights

We passed our four mornings better than expected!

I actually planned to wake Noelle up 30 minutes later than usual (since I am sending her and this week is public school holiday – less jam)! But for four days continuously, she woke herself up! So, she watched me shower Norrah before I attend to her!

Nikki showered with Noelle twice in the four days. The first two days she showered after we come home from sending Noelle to school!

As for me, I took my ‘private’ morning bath before they woke. The first morning was a failure when I started to hear Norrah voice after I got naked. Quickly put on my cloth to nurse and then left her in the living room on the mat and with her toys before quickly taking a ‘Buffalo bath’ (mandi kerbau😝). In fact today Norrah woke me up! 😂 So I have to repeat the same as Monday!

We had longer breakfast on the table except today because Noelle wanted to ‘roll ball’ before going school (continue the sampat-ness from yesterday play date, I guess)! We managed to video call before off to school for three days (yesterday papa woke up ‘too late’)! This morning we did it right in front of Noelle’s school – just in time! 🤣

I reminded Noelle that papa will be sending her to school from tomorrow onwards. She says ‘yeahhhh! I missed papa!’ Ok, listen to this first – before she says ‘I want mama send!’ 🙄😂

It isn’t always that hubby travels outstation. And it isn’t the first time he travels. But this time round it gets into Noelle more – especially after several explanation and “lecture” to be good by hubby.

Anyway all three behaved “well”. Actually not much difference to our normal days – just that I have to send Noelle to school and put them to bed myself (which isn’t out of norm – especially in the month of March).

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