One step by one step

Sweat out day! <video>

As it was Noelle’s first rope climb – she only could manage the first rope climb, she was disappointed that she couldn’t do the next rope (in between of fear and her want-to-do-it spirit). I told her this was only her first time and this is level one – just like her reading books – progresses one level to another slowly; doing repeatedly will help. In addition, it was important to overcome her own fear before rushing into the next level!

While Noelle was doing the rope climb, I overheard the man telling the daughter who was struggling to come down. “You have to think and figure out how to come down, just like how you tackle your exam questions!” (In mandarin) I like the example he gave his daughter; will keep that in mind for future use!

I would attest that it is difficult to find parents who will encourage their kids to do this sort of climbs nowadays!

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