Gui ling gao

My eldest is into eating gui ling gao as she enjoys the jelly texture. She first ate it at Koong Woh Tong outlet! So I thought of making gui ling gao at home – where I can control the sugar content!

After experimenting few times, the best way seems to be – boil one litre water with 100g molasses sugar. Meanwhile stir 50g gui Ling gao powder into 250ml luke warm water. When sugar water comes to a boil, add in gui ling gao powder water into the water. Continue to stir for 10 minutes under low heat. With low heat and continue stirring, sieve the gui ling gao into ceramic bowls. Let it cool down before placing into fridge (or serve).

The amount makes 6 bowls (when I skipped stirring when sieving into the bowls, I had only 4.5 bowls

We have tried two brands:

Both are quite close but my hubby says Eu Yang Sang’s is smoother!