From ZERO to ‘hero’

Just last week, she asked me ‘mama, why keep on wrong wrong wrong one?😔’

Then I told her because SHE herself doesn’t want us to correct her when she is WRONG! So, how do we help her to be ‘right’! I think that struck her!

And earlier this week, we started taking out the blackboard – for scribbling purpose and it turns to doing ‘spelling’ – using her schoolbooks and books that she reads! (Also since she started school, she has been reading more often – occasionally asked for new books that are kept in the cupboard! Child led – we don’t force her!)

Finally she GOT it! She can’t wait to show me in the car that she had all correct today!

She is in the right direction!

While she praises herself ‘clever’, I try reminding her ‘to keep up the good work by practice and reading’! And we are going to do the same for Bahasa – which she has more wrongs! 🤣


On other things

Noelle: Today Dau keep on want to sit with me and never say ‘dun wan friend’ me!

Mama: 🙄🙄🙄

Noelle: Today we ‘play’ family. Shanggu is baby because he is small size! I am sister. Ee Thong is brother. Dave is father and Dau is mother!

Mama: 😯😯😯

Noelle: Today’s Howard birthday with Spike cake. The daddy and mummy come to school also.

Mama: Wow, did you eat the cake?

Noelle: No. but it is so yummy!

Mama: You say you didn’t eat but it is yummy?! 🙄🙄🤔🤔

Today she is in top form good mood; even telling me that they ate small brown noodle and could tell me what she wants for dinner immediately!

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