Final giveaways before we bid goodbye to the year of chicken

It all started with me wanting to giveaway my college books and teaching our kids about ‘giving’. We are into the mid of the second month of the year and continuing the effort! Not that we have so much/many good stuff to give but they are still useable and we don’t need them! Plus I am such a hoarder! 🤣 It also gives me a lot of comfort that I am not different in the sense not only me mind having used goods! They are many people who think alike me! ‘Can use don’t waste!’

There are some other things in mind to giveaway but this shall continue after the CNY break. Also something to get me ‘busier’ and getting out of the usual routine – let me get happier and motivated by giving! 😁😁

These past week giveaways are

– wrongly bought light bulb that has been kept in store room for sometime

– fish shaped glass plates (pretty but not practical for me)

– leftover DOM

– cooler gels which I used to travel breastmilk and food around

– aloe vera plant (growing too wildly)

– postpartum belt which I only used during Noelle’s confinement period

– one pair cot bumper (because we only need one pair)

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