Be your kids’ buddies

Kids suicide cases nowadays scared me! Really! I even told my hubby few days ago!

The important message here is to be buddies with your kids –

“Talk to your kids about why they need to come to you if something is wrong. I talk to our kids about all of this, and they know that I would do anything to help them. I say it daily… “If you are ever feeling sad or left out about something and it becomes too big for you to handle easily, come to me.” <full article>

I can actually sense something not too right whenever Noelle says ‘I Duno’ when she previously could have said something else or gave me an affirmation ‘no or yes’! It happened last week – I manage to pursued her to tell me by saying ‘I trust you with taking care of Norrah and I hope you trust mama too!’ Soon, she just told me ‘what happened’ (not exposing what it is about because it is a ‘secret’ for us). But I am glad she trusted me (for now)…

And sometime ago some mummies relate to me how her kid was being accused by an adult; her instinct says trust her kid before blaming the kid – just because an (elderly) adult is telling her something else! That has inspired me to put faith in my girls! Always let the kids to give their explanation. This gives them faith in us! Respect the kid as much we want to be respected!

Our activity continues despite her going to school – loomband bracelet

Video <here>

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