Goodbye January 2018

Rainbow umbrellas

Today is the last day of January 2018. We have been going on a good track so far this month!

To me, my daily success is having to put them on nap simultaneously on school days beside putting meals on the table and chilling with them while hubby’s at work. I can testify that we have stabilized into our new routine.

Noelle has been doing ‘good’ in school so far – as in we no longer have to ‘pray’ in the morning that she will be in jolly mood while leaving home (that’s a lot of relief on me). She comes home excitedly almost everyday and naturally bring her reading books to revise with me! The teachers did play an important role in setting her mindset – carefully reminding her that Christmas, birthday and New Year is over.

After the last round of reward for not crying/whining in the morning, we could take away the ‘reward’ system altogether. We told Noelle we have bigger goals in the near future that is to go on holiday – so that means we need to stop buying toys in order to save money for holiday. With the goal in mind, Noelle occasionally reminds Nikki that ‘Mei Mei, no more buying toys ok? We need to save money!’ Nevertheless, she still throws a big tantrum on certain little things when she’s around with us (especially when hubby’s around 🙄)

Nikki’s daily mission is to ‘fetch Jeh Jeh’. She even says that when Noelle is next to her! 🤣 Though she can sit along side me while I work, my companion & joker and picking up a lot of things that we taught her, she has been occasionally on her crying spell! 😑

No need to mention about Norrah – she’s the darling of the month! 😝

Hope this marks a good start to 2018!

P/s: The project giveaway and keeping things organised plus optimizing space have kept me going and inspiring myself – despite the ‘mundane’ daily routine! But this week we are taking a break from it!

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