To clutter, we first need to declutter

This week’s giveaway seems turning ‘barter trading’ – though it was never our intention.

We gave away a ceramic food stacker which was left in the cupboard unused! This was indeed one of the most wanted by the ladies – a lot resisted it as the community’s (Beli Nothing Project) initiative is to declutter rather than collecting more stuff! The lady who took it came with some biscuits and old angpau papers.

In our store room, there were two stacks of chairs and so we decided to giveaway the brown stack. Two young girls came to collect them. They gave us homegrown brinjals and French beans in return.

We have this rattan hamper basket for some years. The hoarder me finally gave it away! I think the taker actually went through my facebook profile – and in return came with some princesses books and puzzle for the girls!

Two other small giveaways which we sent out by snail mail (for free – stamp cost) are a nursing cover and oil control films.

Besides these giveaways, I actually threw away a lot of old stuff. To clutter, we first need to declutter! The store room has more space now! The kitchen much cleaner! And more room at the book shelves to organize the books!

The third week now that I am maintaining my 2018 New Year resolution!

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