Making a difference

Today we did something different from our usual schedule (after school). We sent some food items to the charity collection box at Tesco Ara Damansara (I actually spotted the box last week when we were there).

I could actually do it alone with Nikki and Norrah; but I think the ‘activity’ makes more sense to Noelle – as in she will understand the reasons why we were donating these stuff!

I told her that there are plenty of unfortunate people (especially kids) out there that do not have any food to eat and rely on these giving. The main reason is to make her understand that she shouldn’t be wasting food; instead appreciate the food that I cook up for her! (But I still an advocate of understanding on hunger cues rather than forcing the food down.) While the programme suggests ‘buy from Tesco🙄 to donate’, we actually bought elsewhere – telling her we were maximizing our resources , I.e. when we get cheaper goods, we can buy more!

lo, biscuits, instant noodles (that was on their list🙄), coffee and sauces (some sauces are those I got sponsored for from Bidor Kwong – I checked they have not expired)!

We may not be able to do big things but we hope our small way will make a difference!

On another note, going to a supermarket after school hours is not a good idea at all – they especially Noelle ran like crazy! 🤦🏻‍♀️ and Nikki followed – she tumbled on the floor at one point and they stopped running after that. We actually get in just to get yogurts and mushroom🙄!

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