Pressure cooker tomyam chicken

I have to attest that this is one of my yummiest tomyam ever! Guess I have put enough ingredients! Plus the easiest to cook as I utilizes the pressure cooker!

Steps and ingredients:

1. Heat up oil under (any) bake mode.

2. Stir fry oil with onions (about 3), tomatoes (about 3), carrot (one), one bunga kantan, handful daun limau purut, one knob ginger and one knob galangal.

3. Add in chicken pieces, some cabbage and mix.

4. Add in about 2 tbsp tomyam paste and stir.

5. Add sufficient water to cover.

6. Close the lid and move to ‘seal’.

7. Change to steam +kpt11.

8. Once done, release pressure.

9. Add in about one tbsp fish sauce and some beancurb skin. Close and off the PPC switch.

10. Heat up when you want to serve it!

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