Little things that make me smile

Drown with daily routines, I could appear grumpy especially during the day. At times, I snubbed my hubby- because I can’t deny that I feel so ‘stuck’ with the routine (it is like no ending) yet he has the ‘flexibility’ to do his stuff- that everything he says annoy me! 🙄🙄🙄

When it is the kids’ birthday and Christmas, only the kids get gift! I do grumbled ‘not like last time!’ as I am no longer the priority but feel like a ‘slave’. 😢😢😢

Today the door bell rung and someone was at the door to deliver a bouquet of flower! Before opening the door, my mind thinking which ‘lesbo’….or maybe, probably, could be hubby?

Yes, it is from my hubby and my first message to him ‘got prawn behind the stone ah?’ 😝😝😝

Not easy to please me hor?

Ok la…today I feel appreciated !

Thank you lao gong! 😘

but the flowers no longer mine especially after our eldest return home!

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