Our monthly ‘date’ – 5th month check up at Klinik Kesihatan

2 more days to 5 month old; today she weighs 6.8kg (officially no longer the smallest baby of 3; Noelle was 6.6kg at 6 mo)

Klinik Kesihatan changed their system slightly. We no longer press and clip our numbers but stack the book. Of course, my eye “look look and see see” if anyone cut queue by stacking the books earlier!😝 Ok la, fair…no one dare to! I got number 2 from our area code! But the calling system 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ doesn’t take into account who comes first. They followed area codes – so 2 and 5 series get the calling first before 7 series!

I ‘impatiently waited patiently’! We no longer see the nurse in the room but near the weighing area! Then we waited a while in front of the immunization room. The nurse sent us to the dr today after seeing Norrah’s bed bugs bites (again)! Dr diagnose as ‘allergy to environment’ 🙄🙄 -no medication require!

It was a longer wait compared to previous months despite getting number 2! Can’t wait the end of monthly visit – which is next month. We will have a half year break then!

This time they have put more seats outside (but still cramp). And they put sign that strollers not allowed into the weighing area (which is great as people seem to crowd up the area despite not their turn). Actually we do see familiar faces on monthly basis – cos we are given the same one month dates!

Hubby woke, got ready and sent Noelle to school together with Nikki. He ain’t taking off -and I arrived home just in time for him to go to work! Nikki was crying when I arrived her – calm her down by nursing her. Then both Norrah and Nikki took turn to bath! Now putting Norrah to nap while Nikki is in the living room ‘playing’ herself! We gonna have early lunch after this!

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