Toddler friendly chicken cheesy meatballs

Since the last adventure of making luncheon meat, I wanted to try making sausage. But due to lack of time, I made chicken cheesy meatballs instead! Actually I used the same method as luncheon meat.

We need (no exact ingredients amount): Minced chicken


Egg, tapioca starch, pepper, oil (I used sesame oil) and five spiced powder

Mix them up and roll!

I actually left them overnight before I steam them under high heat for 20 minutes! Oil (I used sunflower oil) the steel plate to avoid it sticking on the plate!

How it looks like after steaming: <here>

Remove and drain it. You can serve it as it is, deep fry or air fry. Certainly, you can pop them into the fridge for future consumption!

I shallow pan fried them!

24m13d certainly likes it!

I believe this is a ‘superb’ choice to a kid’s snack/lunch box! They can be prepared in advance and heated/fried early in the morning before the kid goes to school/nanny’s home! It can be a finger food, yet filling for the tummy! I am definitely keeping this as an option when my kid goes to P1 next year!

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