Please remove me from YOU

Time to rant – This is to jot down the reason I am silent this round:

– In early November, I decided to bring three kids along to YOUR house on a specific weekday ALONE – but there was an outright rejection without any reason (though you offered another day which we are not available). Then I found out it was YOUR precious grandchild birthday celebration in school (sorry I am not blind with all the taggings).

– It is NOT that YOU won’t be celebrating with YOUR precious – but it was three days continuously YOU are with THEM. So sparing us few hours (and not that I always request to come) also impossible? So, you expect me to spare my free time FOR you?

– On the day you rejected my offer to come, in the evening, YOU messaged about an emergency of your hubby entering emergency ward. And in few hours, another message saying that discharged! This is not first, twice or thrice but every few months YOU do that – until I am numb towards anything relate to him and you. Why do you like to play with MY feelings? YOUR message is always so drama that DEATH is so near and guess what – YOUR hubby was happily taking photos with the precious and being posted on facebook on the very next day!

– Each time when our relationship improves; YOUR precious son will start tagging you on fb – showing his jealously. It was too obvious!

– You bug for a visit after that. YOU don’t understand what is ‘annoying’ – for the continuous message and pretentious messages – like forwarding unrelated things to me; plus the pretentious to be ‘kind’ or ‘thoughtful’ to want go get me something – only again to bug me about a visit when I responded. This is truly ‘got prawn behind the stone’! And YOU don’t seem to understand my challenges handling three kids myself with my hubby being away most of the days!

YOU might have your own reason or I might not understand you; but this is what I have in mind! If YOU think I am hurting you, why on the first place YOU are hurting me? Thankfully, I made the action of moving away more than 10 years ago – or I will be stuck in YOUR game forever!

– sorry I am not a perfect person; I have my past and pain too –

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