Noelle learns her lesson !

Once I put them in car (from the kindy), Noelle told me ‘mama look at my hand. 😔 it’s painful.’ I had a quick glance as I was putting Nikki’s seat belt and thought it was the return of her eczema! Then I put her seat belt and went into the driver seat; started nagging ‘see…that’s why you need to eat more veggie me fruits! 🙄’ But in my mind was 101 things – I was thinking of whether the introduction of ‘new’ food has caused the outbreak of eczema!

Then when we were at home, I took a closer look and was 😱😨😰😫 – the blisters doesn’t look like eczema at all! Again 101 things ran in my mind – did she burnt her hand. Or kena rotan from teacher. I posted many questions to her and even assured her that I was concern and not in the position to ‘scold’ her – just let me know – but she comes to ‘I Duno’ and close to 😫

🙄🤦🏻‍♀️I didn’t want to bug her further (also knowing that she is tired after school and usually more chatty after nap) – but my heart 💔😫😔 Even thinking – is it a wrong decision to send her to school? 😂I told one of my buddies – and she assured me that this is not about helicopter parenting – but to seek out what’s happening. I was given several suggestions on what to do from two mummies during her nap time.

So after her nap, we just had a casual chat – I was telling her she cannot simply TOUCH things in school because it doesn’t belong to her. And if she has curiosity to know what’s something, Ask teacher’s permission. Also, she might not know if something is HOT! She immediately 😫😫! Ok, bingo…she touched something hot. I immediately took the ice pack for her (knowing that ice can actually soothes her – mentally). I asked if she told teacher about it. No answer – so I added, next time if happens, faster tell teacher because teacher can give you ice immediately and you don’t have to suffer pain so long.

Well, it is really a lesson for her! (In my mind, I am still thinking what makes her want to touch something – because she has never actually been so curious at home – but also she knows the home thoroughly)

But I would definitely inform the principal about this – that something hot should actually be out of reach! Not just for Noelle, but all students !

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