Internalizing our message at 5yo

All of us ran errand together almost the whole day today – only to arrive home around 4+. I was busy putting Norrah to sleep while Nikki was fussing around because she was about to poop. Hubby was in ‘dying’ hunger while he need to juggle with handling Nikki.

Noelle, on the other hand, was ‘screaming’ to ask either hubby or I to play with her puzzles. I was stuck in bed with nursing Norrah and getting agitated with Noelle’s cries! 😒 While hubby went to wash Nikki, Norrah finally let go me. I walked out of the room and Noelle was still with her ‘demand to play with her’! 😒

I just told her off ‘I need to cook dinner now! 😤😡’ Immediate silence and I walked off. Then I went back to her and told her ‘this house is not just about YOU. 😠 Everyone has their own things to do! And since you can play (fix) the puzzles YOURSELF, why can’t you do it yourself?! 😡’

After completing what I said, I just went into the kitchen to cook. I actually expected her to cry but she didn’t – instead she sat there alone, doing her puzzles. Even after hubby came out from cleaning Nikki, Noelle actually sat down alone to complete the puzzle.

We are happy that she is really internalizing what we tell her. And I got to admit that as she started going to school, I cherish every moment together with her more! On a daily basis, I do sit down and play with her more (trying to complete what I have to do while she is at school or all of them taking their nap). I nag or scold her less too! 🙄🙄 Nevertheless, she needs to know that she is not the diva at home (despite she will be a princess in our heart forever)!


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