Starting 2018 in the right path

In the past (and even now), we are blessed with many things from many people. It is time for us/me to bless others! Since we are only living on single income and my time is so limited, the most I could do is giveaway things that are still useful to others (and may not be for us anymore) – while not depriving ourselves with certain things we need/want!

So, this ‘project’ giveaway happened on the first week of 2018 – with some spring cleaning going on as well. I have given away to five happy recipients! ‘Happy’ as in they will really utilize it (I think)!

– two mummies receiving the pregnancy and parenthood books

– one mummy who’s going to deliver and pro breastfeeding receiving the breastmilk storage bags

– single mum and children home receiving the used mittens and booties

– an enthusiastic girl receiving the 3 x 1,000 pieces of puzzles

~~~~all given out this week~~~~

Probably I could have preloved it, but it is quite troublesome at times to do so! Nevertheless, let’s pass love!

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