Big N with the new school term

Today she scores 101%!

She woke herself up! And she has been positive for consecutive 3 days in row! I could see how much she enjoying with the new term (not the holiday programme)! I hope you will continue to enjoy throughout the year!

For two days, I don’t really have to ask her what she did! She storify me whenever she feels like it – during mealtimes and sleep time until I have to ask her to ‘stop’!

In fact, on Tuesday she brought back a book from the school library and she was so excitedly reading the Peter & Jane book (she read it whole day after coming back from school)! Yesterday she told us about doing calculation in school and ‘table manners’ (she was lecturing Nikki on table manners!). 🙄🤣 And she starts remembering her school friends name – guess because now she is in a cluster (a group of student under one teacher)! She told me one of her friends’ name is ‘Cho-co-lat’! 😂😂😂

And when Jessica (her neighbour friend) passed by – she told me ‘I like my new friends in the yellow school!’ 🙄🤣

The most ‘tragic’ – she told me that she doesn’t want to attend Teacher Voon’s class (music class) anymore! 😂😂 That we will ask her again on Friday! It really depends on her for the music class – which was intended to transition her to kindy! And it has done its job!

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