My first born goes to school

Noelle was the reason I turned stay at home mum. Having spent 24/7 together from 13 months old to 59 months old and being the firstborn, every milestone seems more emotional!

Just as planned, we are sending her a year of kindergarten as a transition to primary school! And also, we think she will be ready by then (now)! We have been looking around for a suitable school since early of the year – our criteria – school serves healthy food (junk prohibited) and the kid does not require to bring homework back home! It doesn’t really matter the method of teaching – as long as it makes sense – since Noelle has done fair bit of home schooling with me (and homeschooling doesn’t stop when she goes school)! It seems ‘simple’ criteria but we could say it isn’t that easy to spot one!

We visited the chosen kindy few times – bringing Noelle there twice actually. From excitement, she actually turned skeptical as the days gets closer – making mama panic. I had butterflies in my stomach (I felt like my mama was sending me to school instead πŸ˜‚)!

en before she left for school, she said 'I don't want to go school'! I told her if she misses us, she could just put her hand on her heart and feel the heart beating which signifies 'us'! I told her she will be doing the same kind of thing like she used to do with mama except different setting, with teacher and some friends! And when she is back home, everything will be back as usual!

Papa took the job of sending her to school this morning (and every morning) while mama just bid goodbye at our home door (while putting a brave front of her!) It would be a lie if I said I didn't tear after she left! πŸ™„I bath her and dress her up this morning (usually she does herself) and even fed her croissant (while playing her cashier thingy) when she was reluctant to eat!

It was a partial relief when hubby said that she bid goodbye to him without any tear; only looking down! Much more relief to hear from the principal (when we picked her up) that she didn't cry at all thoroughout the session! (I am pretty 'sensitive' on this cry issue because I was once in her shoes before – and I was always a laughing stock because of this crying issue!)

First day – everything was fine with her! She showed her smiling face when we picked her up! There were two trial kids – the other kid did cried but Noelle didn't. The principal mentioned that she just stared at the crying friend. The only comment made by the principal was Noelle hasn't adjust to her eating time. They gave them bread at around 9sth and she told the teacher she was hungry at around 10sth. Fortunately I packed some snacks for her in the bag. (In fact, Noelle told me that she told teacher she needed to eat blueberries as she was having flu! πŸ˜‚) I told her principal it was because Noelle enjoys snacking when she's at home! The principal also mentioned that she was adjusting well with the clique of friends.

It is a good start – because what we expect is that she will be as happy as she is usually!

Back at home, she can't stop telling us that she is 6 years old – though she is just gonna turn 5yo this month end (so difficult to explain – as she will be in the 6yo class in Jan 18)! She starts in Dec as the principal wanted to assess her before placing her in either of the 6yo classes!

Noelle didn't really sound exactly like she is excited for tomorrow but she did tell me the kind of snack she wants me to pack for her tomorrow. Also, she did mention her desire to have the same dress as her friends (uniform)!

Today the whole family came picked her up from school – tomorrow it will be just mama, Mei Mei and mui mui. Yes, we have a new schedule to adapt to!

Of course, Mei Mei misses her Jeh Jeh a lot!

Happy 6th wedding anniversary

Today marks our 6th wedding anniversary! We didn’t have any fanciful celebration but we went through errands (together with our three girls, of course) as any other weekends! In fact, we have more to do today compared to usual weeks! Tired is the word to describe BUT we are contented. I guess we are both more tired than six years ago when we went through the Chinese wedding ceremony and dinner!

Though I wish, our marriage is no fairy tale. We have undergone many ups and downs (which include the kids’ tantrum) especially this year – we stick through thick and thin; we support one another and that’s where we become great ‘partners’!

We ended today with a ‘bear’ theme dinner – which of course the two elder girls enjoyed the most!

We don’t usually do dinner outside! So, we do enjoy and appreciate every moment when we eat out! <video>

This cafe is perfect for kids! In fact, we didn’t to bother about the noise the girls made because the place is packed with kids sound! So, we were just ‘cool’ having dinner with most liked minded parents who just need a break to eat out (without being judged for having noisy kids🀣)! I let ‘go’ a little and the kids dine outside completely! They get to choose a cake for their dessert too! It’s their anniversary; not ours! πŸ™„

Happy 6th wedding anniversary to my beloved hubby and bb! 😊😘

4-5 year old: Interest on board games

Between 4-5 years old, she definitely has developed much interest on board games – especially the snake n ladder kinda game! She’s great in explaining how the games work to whoever she plays with! She can spend playing the game over and over again especially if she can’t manage to win over her opponent! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… <video>