2017 comes to an end

2017 comes to an end; and our final ‘countdown’ ends by 10pm – because we need to send the kids to bed plus we (hubby and I) are tired too!

We choose Paradigm Mall as our final spot to chill for this new year eve- because it is near our home and there’s no need to stuck in the traffic! And it was certainly the right decision – as it has activities which suit the kids ranging from sand art, face painting, bouncy castle to live performances. They had free flow of pop corns and cotton candy too! Anyway there won’t be fireworks when the clock strikes 12am; instead they will be having balloon drops.

In the year, my largest achievement (actually my hubby reminded me) is being able to handle three kids ALONE (even going out of home)! I am thankful that my kids generally behave ‘well’ when they are alone with me! (But of course they aren’t angels all the time!)

Noelle has been a good big sister so far; though she wrestles more with Nikki nowadays. She gives me a lot of sense of achievement – by her independence and ability to take in what I have taught her in the past years. She has become very chatty and able to relate many things to me – she has certainly become a companion to me this year.

Nikki has been THE joker at home this year. She brings a lot of cheer to everyone at home! And we are so proud of her learning ability! Her ability to converse make me understand her more; and I believe we will be closer in the year ahead!

Norrah, THE baby of the family, has generally been an obedient baby! At times, I think we ‘torture’ her more than she tortures us! Thank you baby for being an easy baby so far – and able to adjust to our ever busy schedules! Thank you for obediently sleeping through the night – only to wake two or three times a night to suckle!

And to the man of the house, thank you for working hard throughout the year to put food on the table! Thank you for spending your limited time with us. And thank you for not ‘forcing’ me to do things that can cause doubt and unhappiness in me!

In 2017, I spent 365 days with four of you- and that makes you all my everything! ❤️

Thank you 2017 for the wonderful family memories that we experience together! I believe there’s good even in every bad situation – as we grow stronger to become better partner/family!


We will be looking forward to the new adventure that 2018 will bring!

Happy New Year, in advance!

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