Sampling Stroopwafel by Mama ❤️ Grace

Through Daily Homecook Meal fb page, we gotten samples of Stroopwafels by Mama ❤️ Grace. It was actually sent to our doorstep today! Thank you very much!

The 23m21d immediately wanted to test it!

And guess what’s her review? <video>

Personally, I think it is GOOD; not too sweet (‘sweet’ though for a toddler). Guess it is best to go with coffee! The packaging is nice and I was told that it will come with its logo soon. 3 packs are going for RM58 now!

My eldest girl got home from school and I offered her a piece of Stroopwafel after her naptime. She asked for another piece after that! That will give you a hint if it is ‘yummy’!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement but a gratitude post for letting us try the product!

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